1940 - 1984        

Royal Air Force Aberporth

Recording the History  -  Recalling the Memories.

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Contacting Mike -Your Site Host.

The Power of the Internet.

Among those who HAVE made contact over the years, or pop in our shop, are:

In no particular order.

Stuart Baines.   J/T at RAF Aberporth in the 1970’s.

Terry Davies.    J/T  at RAF Aberporth   1966-70

Mike Edwards.  T.86 Radar Wattisham in the 80’s.

John Trevelyan. MOTE man in the late 60’s. John wrote to say hello and told me that both he and “Alby” Lester now live at Bridgend in South Wales. (Click  BHFU Sqdn Photo’s)

Carmeyne Coyles .  Jim Coyles wife,  RAF Aberporth in the 1960’s / 70’s. Jim was a Chief Tech in the MOTE from 1975 when I left the RAF.

Mick Cundy.    Sgt at RAF Aberporth in the 1980’s

Jim Muir. Officer I/C BHFU from 1966. I met Jim many times over the years, as he lived and retired Locally. - Sadly Jim Died in 2012.

Brian Baker.   T87 Radar man- Including 33 & 65 Sqdn’s (Local to Cardigan)

John Smith     RAF Aberporth MT section 1973-75

Gordon Lewis MOTE man- 65 Sqdn & RAF Aberporth- 1964 to 69’.  (Local to Cardigan)

Peter Harry. T86 man.  Founder of the Bloodhound Missile Preservation Group. (Click the BMPG Button )

Dennis  Gilbert’s wife, informing me sadly of Dennis’s passing.

Tom Hails son, informing me of Toms passing too.

Dave Birchall (Ex 91st) phoned me in 2014 after his daughter came across this web site.

      Dave was the guy who, at RAF Newton on a Bloodhound Missile course in 1963, talked me into going on the blind date I STILL live with 50 years on. (I HAD to go, cos’ I had the CAR!)

     A good time was spent reminiscing with Dave that night. We had not come across each other again in all those 50 years !!!   So far!

Don Donovan, in 2014, recounting a few of his 65(SAM) Squadron memories.

May Adam. Wife of Brian Adam, informing me of his passing. Brian was at 65(SAM) Squadron RAF Seletar from 1964 to 1965 and  33 Squadron in 1966

Peter S Bryan.  An engineering Flying Officer  at RAF Aberporth in the early 1970’s

   Peter wrote a six page article about the firing range and firing trials for Strike Command Engineering Review in 1973, which I recently added to the “RAE Aberporth” pages in 2015.

    (I kept the publication all these years, as I was “talked into” writing an article in the same issue about the Radar Links at RAF Neatishead by a certain Wing Cmdr “Hoppy” Hopperton).

Sarah Brooker. In 2013 Sarah came across a Tankard at an Antiques Fair with the name of  RAF Aberporth’s third Station Commander inscribed upon it.  Squadron Leader Sayers.

     She did a Google search and came across this web site. The Tankard also has the words:

                                 “Putting the Shot   RAF Aberporth”

     Sqdn Ldr Sayers was posted in as Station Commander at Aberporth in August 1943 during WW2.  On 1st December 1943 he set up 595 Squadron and made it fully operational with several Spitfires among the aircraft. (Click! History of RAF Aberporth. )  

    As O.C the flying squadron he is mentioned several times in the history. I know nothing about him after he left RAF Aberporth.

                    The Tankard, over 70 years old,  is now in my collection. Click “Interesting Artifacts”

Tom Vellacott

     (Ex 90th Entry) contacted me in Sept 2014 to add Paul Tuffery to the group photo on the RAF Seletar page. And also inform me of Pauls death in Jan 2012 for those who knew him.

Ben O’Sullivan.

     A one time MOTE man at Aberporth, Ben wrote to say: “I was a Cpl on MSF at West Raynham from 1977, then replaced C/Tech Jim Coyles on the MOTE at BHFU Aberporth until 1981. During that time we fired a Singaporean missile serial number M7020 on 24/09/1980 “

      To see that image Click the BHFU button. Ben now lives in Co Cork.

Ian Deadman.  

    A “long lost” friend and one-time MOTE man whom I knew well from 1963 to 1969.

    From the 6 month Bloodhound Training course at RAF Newton in 1963, to 65 (SAM) Sqdn in Singapore, then at RAF Aberporth on evaluation trials from 1966.

    Ian found this web site in January 2015 during a “nostalgia browse” on Google.

      He now lives in Dundee. My wife Margaret and I recently visited Ian and his wife Barbara  while we were on holiday in Scotland in June 2015.

            A REALLY good day was had by two “old timers” talking over “old times”.

Sandy Sanderson.

         The adult “children”  of the late Sandy Sanderson called in “Mike’s Shop” to say hello and chat old times during  May 2015 while on holiday in the area.

Howard Jones

 Howard contacted me summer 2015 with a view to finding old collegues as follows.

      I worked at RAE Aberporth from 1956 to 1960 and lived in the RAE Hostel in Parcllyn.  I worked on the modified 584 Radar.. I left the RAE and joined IBM and I was amazed to see the mention of the IBM 1130, which I installed.

   Should you have heard from John Evans (Data), Tony Bound (CRP), Dennis Wiseman (MTS), Jim Ramsbottom (Data) or Pete Hire  (Photographic. Would you be good enough to forward this email to them as I would be delighted to get in touch with them again.

             Can anyone help with these names ?

                                       Plenty of room for more…….

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