1940 - 1984        

Royal Air Force Aberporth

Recording the History  -  Recalling the Memories.

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The Lancer Side Loading Fork Lift Truck. (SLFLT)

Images left and right show Lancer Side Loaders, once developed for military use in the 1950’s, as they can NOW be found slightly smaller in size, updated in a peacetime role.

      One can be seen in Cardigan in the Jewsons Builders Merchant .

The Lister  1 Ton Flatbed “Truck”.

RAF Aberporth Missile Servicing Flight also had one of these vintage vehicles.

About 26ft long painted RAF Blue. Fairly unique in the RAF even then, and great fun to drive.

It was handy for transporting just about anything around the RAE to the launchers etc, and to & from the RAF Main Camp. I have it listed on my RAF Driving License from those days.

     It was started up with a large handle, and it chugged along with a sound like a slow two cylinder noisy diesel generator. A handy work horse even so. Very few have survived.

  It took a lot of searching on-line just to find these two examples.

I suspect when RAF Aberporth closed,  their Lister would have been sold off or scrapped.

The example above right is in the RAF Museum at Cosford.

             Lister, founded in 1867 merged with Petty Deisels and became Lister-Petty in 1986.  I                 understand Lister Engines and Generators are still in production in the UK, and held their 140th anniversary in 2007.

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